Rules And Regulation Of Kaliyaganj Milanmayee Girls’ High School (HS)
Students are the real architects of our society. Students of today are the responsible citizens of tomorrow. So they should be disciplined from student life. At the very beginning of the Academic Year 2017, they are reminded of the rules and regulations of school for proper guidance in life.
All the students are asked to fill in their own diaries affixed with their photos and those of their guardians within three days after receiving the same.
1. Students should come to school in uniform specified by the school. This is applicable to all the students studying in this institution. Their uniform must be neat and clean, and guardians should be careful to it.
School Uniform
Class V to VIII »» Checked Skirt, Cream Coloured half Shirt with school monogram set on it, white socks, white cades ( synthetic shoes for monsoon)
Class IX and X »» Check kurta, Cream colour salwar with school monogram set on it, Cream colour dupatta, white socks, white cades ( synthetic shoes for monsoon)
Class XI and XII »» White colour salwar kurta with school monogram set on it, Merun colour dupatta, white socks, white cades ( synthetic shoes for monsoon)
2. On normal school days every student must reach his classroom within 10.35 a.m. and join the prayer at 10.40 a.m. The school gate will be closed at the time of prayer. Loitering on the corridor and behaving improperly during prayer/school hours are utterly undesirable, and it will be brought to the notice of guardians. Students must enter their classrooms after the Tiffin-break.

During Examination Days, students are directed to attain the school as per Examination Routine.

3. 70% attendance at school is compulsory for every student (according to the rules of WBBSE & WBCHSE). A student of Class IX – XII having less than 50% attendance will not be allowed to sit for the exam except valid medical proof regarding illness. Students of Class V – VIII having less than 60% attendance will be allowed on certain conditions.
4. According to the RTE Act. 2009, no student (Class V –VIII) will be detained in the class he is reading in at present. Roll Nos. and Sections of students will be arranged in order of merit. Their positions in the merit list will be determined by the total marks obtained in 3 Term Exams.

Students (for promotion from Class IX to X/ Test Exam for Madhyamik Pariksha) must secure pass marks in all the subjects according to the rules of WBBSE.

The rules of WBCHSE will be followed for promotion from Class XI to XII.

No arrangement for re-examination is possible if a student fails to appear on the particular day of exam. No average marks will be added for this absence. A medical certificate in this regard cannot be accepted. According to the rules of WBBSE, marks obtained in the exams will decide a student’s promotion to the next higher class.
5. If a student adopts unfair means in the exam, the exam of the particular subject is liable to be rejected. If it happens again in the same exam course or in the same academic year, all his exams are liable to be rejected.
1. No leave will be granted to any student except under special circumstances which to be decided by the school authority.
6. A well- protected cycle-stand has been arranged in the South side of the school for school students for keeping their bicycles. They may keep their bicycles there and enter school premises by the school gate in the west.
7. Cause of absence on normal school days should be written in the diary by the guardian with signature & date. A medical certificate has to be produced for the period of absence above 3 days (Prescription cannot be accepted).
8. Throwing litter here and there without using litters bins is strictly prohibited. They must not throw plastic packets in school premises. They must take care of school furniture. They must not step on benches, making them dirty. Damages to school property are strictly prohibited.
9. Coming out of the classrooms for playing in the open in between the two periods, unnecessarily loitering and entering into the teachers’ room are strictly prohibited. Marks for formative evaluation will be deducted for this kind of behaviour. If needed, the monitor/class teacher/AHM/HM may be contacted.
10. Pupils are forbidden to misbehave towards their classmates. If it happens in school or outside school, the guardian will be informed and then the proper action will be taken.
11. If any certificate is needed, a student should apply to HM with proper reasons together with a copy of his photo in school uniform (colour / black and white). The certificate will be available from the school office two days after the submission of his application. Please note that this application should be submitted to HM by student himself after school break-up.
12. All the students are informed that self-attestation is legally accepted everywhere.
13. Mid-day meal is arranged for students from Class V to VIII. Students are asked to clean their hands with soap and water before taking their meals. After school being over, students are asked to stand in rows and leave the school slowly in a discipline manner.
14. Each Student is directed to leave the School premises only after the classes as per scheduled are over. Un necessary gathering after classes being finished is not wanted.
Request to Respectable Guardians
Please keep watch on the following
1. School notices imparted to the Students in class rooms.
2. (schoolwebsite and notices hung outside) and tell your daughter to be alert about them.
3. Please remain in contact with the school authority, attend the guardian meeting regularly on any problem of your ward.
4. Only concerned class teacher/ subject teacher can make a guardian aware of his/her daughter’s progress. For this enquiry, he/she should take prior permission from HM and then contact them from Tuesday to Friday between 3.15 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. (except holiday)
5. From the Academic Year 2017 our school going to make an arrangement regularly for quiz, debate, seminar etc. in school hall on Saturdays after school. Please ensure their presence in these programmes.
6. Please record any kind of chronic disease of your daughter (if any) in the diary and inform concern class teacher of it.
7. If your address/ Ph. No. are changed, please inform us without delay through a letter. If a student becomes ill while he is at school, it is only informed over telephone.
8. School Development Fees will be collected as per Notice given to students. They are sufficient to pay the same by theby themselves. (If necessary guardians may contact.)
9. After school hours, please do not use school rooms for your daughter’s personal purpose.