HM Desk

It’s of immense pleasure and joy when I got the

opportunity to become a part of this Institution as the Headmistress on and from the September 2009. The school is most prominent name in the arena of female education of this locality. In 1949, two years later after achieving the freedom from the cobwebs of shackle of British’s rule, some noble hearted persons of this

area have taken initiatives to found the keystone of this school.

They felt that unless & until the aim of female education has been achieved, the all round development can’t be achieved of any society.
From that day to this day several distinguished people has extended their cooperative hands to strengthen and adding glory to the prospect of this school, and thus the present glitter of the school.
I am proud of my colleagues’ for their sincerity, devotion and whole hearted perseverance to increase the fame of the school and for the welfare of our students. In spite of a number of adversities, they, through their hard work are able to overcome the same.
I’m thankful to the respectable guardians, Members of present & former managing committees for their affectionate sincerity towards the pupils.
Above all I convey my best wishes to the budding talents—my students to embark in the way of success in all respects for their lives.

With best wishes

Laboni Chattopadhyay (Roy)